Tender Analysis

Tender Analysis

Getting the tender analysis correct after return of tenders is a crucial step in determining the correct builder for the work. The person completing the tender analysis has to be confident that they have covered all bases and that all tenderers have been treated fairly and impartially throughout the whole tender process.

Many issues have to be taken into account when analysing tenders:

Have all the tenderers been treated fairly and impartially throughout the tender process

Was the process equally competitive to all tenderers

Was confidential information kept confidential from all tenderers – was another tenderer privy to information that the others we not.

Were there any conflicts of interest present through out the tender process

By scrutinising all these factors, it is then possible to complete a fair tender analysis. This ensures conformity and accountability which gives confidence to all parties involved that the correct candidate was chosen to carry out the work based their merits only.


If you would like Auswide Quantity Surveyors to analyse upcoming tenders you may have please get in contact with us.